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We help people who have physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges to heal themselves by using Quantum Energy Tools and DNA Activation with Sacred Geometry Codes of AH© and its protocols.

When we talk about DNA we talk about the 97% of DNA that science has labeled a junk DNA. They don’t know that the 97% is just waiting for the right interdimensional frequencies that activate the highest potential of us humans.

To activate DNA and activate your own healing capabilities we use the Codes Of AH©.

So, what are the Codes of AH© and how do they work?

The Codes of AH© are created and copyrighted by Ivonne Alexander.

These codes are encoded living high frequency light particle Entities. Intelligent sacred geometry vibratory tachyons. These codes are ancient codes from outside this time matrix.

The short explanation of how the Codes work is as follows: they are high frequency scalar wave programs, and since you at the quantum level of yourself, the DNA level, you also are made of scalar waves, the higher frequency scalar wave codes will have an effect on your own DNA, your own morphogenetic field. The Codes influence the subconscious mind.

When you interact with these codes you do what is called Optical Pineal Induction. When you look at the code, the frequency of the code becomes activated in your field. 

The basic way to describe the working of the Codes is: anything of a higher vibration that interacts with a lower vibration will positively affect it. It’s like in your mind you have a certain vibration, if someone cuts you of on the freeway and you are generating thoughts of hate for that person, you are creating a very low vibration mental atmosphere.  But if you shift that into realizing what just happened, it is what it is and you have compassion for that person because they know not what they are doing, you immediately shift your whole mental vibration or physical vibration and of course thoughts of hate, anxiety, jealousy, revenge, all of those thoughts create discordant blockages in the body, which eventually manifest in physical dis-ease. So these extremely high frequency codes are here to transmute all of that nonsense that people have in their mind, in their life, discordant constructs and programs, that affect their ability to have clarity.



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