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J-Seal Removal Session

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The J-Seals (Jehovian Seals) are referred to as the Death Seals and are located at the planetary level.­
All beings have these seals.

Since the Earth and our bodies are built the same energetically, and they share­ certain energetic connections.

We inherit these Jehovian Seals­ at birth. They are located on the left side of the body. The removal of J-seals is a distant healing session where we remove the 7 unnatural J-Seals.

These seals may manifest dis-ease in their respective locations. Common experiences after the session are the ability to breathe better, back, neck and knee problems dissipate, better connection to Higher self and more psychic skills noticed, better circulation, and the ability to reach higher states such as bliss and unconditional love.

These sessions are very important before the DNA activation process.

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