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Auric Clearing Session

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Auric Clearings focus on clearing the energy field or auric field. The aura or
electro-magnetic field is the light body that surrounds the physical body. Most people
have many unseen blockages that we can identify and remove on all 15 levels of awareness during Auric Clearing Sessions. Many people are carrying unfinished business, belief systems, thoughtforms, paradigms, contracts, etc. of many of lifetimes in their soul memory. During Auric Clearings we can energetically transmute Soul fragmentations in this and past lifetimes. These fragmentations and blockages are seen by clairvoyants as holes or dark areas in the auric field which represent unresolved issues and stagnated life force energy.

The client will recover golden soul fragments that represent pearls of wisdom from the issue being absolved and at the end of the session we make a download of new cords, new templates and new soul programming from the Higher Self.

Time for this recorded session: 7 minutes; I will send you the recording, for you to keep.

In this session you will get the following:

- Clearing and Healing the Golden Web of Tears and Scars.

The Golden Web is the energetic membrane that surrounds our energy body, it keeps us in wholeness and integrity as an energetic being. It is most healing to our feminine side. It is filling all the holes. This clearing will heal the moment, where your Soul incarnated, in your human form, in this and in other lifetimes and other realms, so imagine the impact, it is like surgery.

- Removing Entitiy Attachments and Agreements that allow for Entity Attachment and Removal of Negative Thought-Forms.

Clearing karmic ties that lead to agreements of abuse, clearing of energy vampires and negative entities. It will help you to start living an abundant life of service, joy and truth.

- Clearing of Auric Attachments, Occupants, Discordant Thought-Forms, Portals, Wormholes.

- Balancing the chakra's, clearing all auric attachments.

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