Video Session

Advanced Soul Level Clearing

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€ 125,00

Soul Retrieval, Removing of Tears and Scars from Soul's Golden Web, Entity Removal and Soul Clearing of Programs in the Mental and Emotional Bodies

All Clearings in one video-session. You will receive the URL-link to the session, so you can play it at your own discretion as often as you like.

What this will do for you:

- Retrieving missing Soul facets, missing Soul memory, perceived memory added, clear clouded and programmed memories.

- Heal Soul fragmentation, tears and scars in your Chakra's and your Golden Web, filling them with Golden Liquid Light from the AH Universe, clearing life situations that appear to be filled with struggle and difficulty.

- Removal of Entities, agreements that allow for Entity Attachments, removal of independent thought-forms not in line with your highest path and purpose. Clearing of additional Souls, discarnate entities and any negative or positive beings attached to you. Clearing of pacts, vows, bindings and independent thought-forms that may be running in your mental or emotional body.

- Clearing of negative programs that you may be running, either consciously or unconsciously, that are not for your highest path and purpose. Clearing all programs, bugs, errors, mind viruses from your DNA template, Soul matrix, Karmic files and Divine Soul Blueprint. This is like upgrading your Soul Level Bios.

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