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Soul Level Clearing 2

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Soul is a divine aspect of Creator Source that is and maintains the individual essence of who you are as well as serves as the connection to unity consciousness of the OverSoul. Without Soul healing, we don't obtain wholeness, achieve authentic power or move into enlightenment.
Soul healing with the Codes of AH© facilitates the body-mind energy alignment to one's divine nature; it facilitates the discovery of who we really came here to be while helping us connect to our own internal source of Spirit.

All Clearings in one videosession. You will receive the URL-link to the session, so you can play it at your own discretion as often as you like.

What this session will do for you:

- Clearing abuse trauma; verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. It is soothing, it is like a band aid for Soul that heals. Healing from within, heal the wounds that you blocked about things that happened in your childhood.

- Clearing of trauma’s, PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, retrieval of missing Soul facets and fragments, healing golden web tears and scars. When you had a dysfunctional fragmented family, people with addictions.

- Clean and clear anything that has been stored in you, by imprints, by associative conditioning, by early childhood conditioning, by emotional, mental, physical and spiritual man-created or being created viruses, any cord or implant, for you to be out of control, in control by others or even your own ego identity self.

- Your DNA template is activated to its highest energy holding potential.

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