Session with the Codes of AH©

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Session with the codes of AH© (Absolute Harmonic Universe also known as the Golden Liquid Realms).

The Codes of AH© were created by Ivonne Alexander in unison with the Great White Brotherhood and the Golden Council of the AH Universe. The Great White Brotherhood, living in dimensions 12 through 15, are using these codes to assist humanity to calibrate itself in to higher unconditional love-filled frequencies, that will serve as fuel to travel inside the star-gate of evolution towards Earth’s ascension and its people.

These codes are filled with the golden frequencies of AH. All codes carry highest energy vibrations and work mostly on the subconscious mind. They are used to unveil our self-healing and potential powers we all carry within.
Moreover, once energetic blockages are cleared on the subconscious level then physical discomfort has no reason to manifest in our body anymore.

They are used as a powerful and harmless support during the healing process of any physical, emotional or mental discomfort.

When you order email me @ what your intention is, what you want to accomplish.

The Codes of AH© sessions do not replace any medical intervention, they are used to increase one´s own self-healing and self-mastery powers only.

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