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Q: What is the "average" level of DNA activation for people on the planet at this time and why is DNA activation so important?

A: Most of the DNA strands that correspond to multi-dimensional anatomy and consciousness are dormant or damaged by old blocks within the Kathara Grid and the associated parts of the anatomy of the subtle body. Currently, the average DNA activation of people is at a level of 3 to 3.5, while the impact and possibilities for 4-12 strands activation lie dormant within the morphogenetic field and within the fragments of non-functional DNA that contemporary science labeled 'junk -DNA.
The reason that DNA activation is so important now and in the coming years is because Earth is evolving and so every organism on earth needs to evolve with her DNA, because we are closely linked. Our physical body and the planet are built the same way - they both have an energy grid. So if the earth ascends to a higher dimensional, less dense material state (from now until 2017), you will not make the switch if you do not have a certain level of DNA activation

Q: Is DNA Activation of a "New Age" concept?

A: Absolutely not. This is definitely not a "love, light, and clueless" technique. It is based on Divine 15-dimensional physics and scalar wave mechanics. It is not based on channeled information and is not linked to an agenda of aliens. Soon you will realize that the New Age materials were given to control the mind in a certain way, just as some original sacred teachings were rewritten to form the world's religions. Unfortunately, there are many fake DNA activation programs and someone just doing research on DNA activation will probably arrive at these websites. You can use your intuition and discernment to recognize that everyone of us has a 12th-level Avatar Master that we can tap into, so we do not need "angels" or ascended masters to help us activate our DNA. We just have to remove our own karmic imprints and genetic blockages to allow this expanded consciousness. For any type of healing, the intention and frequency of REAL love must be present. In terms of physics love is an energy reality, a state of vibrational harmonization or co-resonance frequency with which to build an energy bridge between individuals. It is through this energetic frequency bridge that one can use healing energies in the healing of others.

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