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Free Podcast for healing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Clearing energetic blockages for PTSD with Sacred Geometry Quantum Healing (Codes of AH©).

The purpose of the Codes is to increase one´s potential, well-being and success in life by strengthening the healer within. The Codes of AH© are also a powerful and gentle support during the healing process of any physical or mental discomfort.

Click this link to have access to the Podcast.


Free True Love Recognition Activation with the Codes of AH©.

Activation for developing and recognizing True Love with the Codes of AH©.

True love is unconditional, and that is not easy in our society. But we can develop it, first you have to be aware of the conditions we place. Like does my partner provide for me, does he/she make me happy, she needs to be or stay thin. Those are conditions we set, more or less.

Most of you have or had a romantic relationship in the past. A karmic relationship is characterized by:


No passion anymore at some point in your relationship

Constant conflict or constant "harmony" (roommate rather than LOVER)

Soul Mate and Twin Flame Relationship is deeper but still we can have difficulty with the unconditional love part.

How do we change this?

Change your frequency and energy, with the Codes of AH through DNA Activation and Healing. So you can attract your Twin Flame and have the ultimate love relationship. One step is activating the True Love Recognition Code, this will help you to recognize and develop True Love in others and yourself.  



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