DNA Strand 1-4

(Translated from Dutch)

Angela Heijn 29-5-2013

I was the first one John did this kind of healing on. It was a DNA healing (Toby Alexander) and an aura cleansing and protection is placed and how intense!! Wow, I still have to let it sink ....... the most intense healing that I have experienced so far. But according to John he had received info that stated I was a difficult case. Now I can rely on a huge boost that continues to operate in 2013 so I can drop all I no longer need or think need to have.

It was the strongest healing experience ever for me! Good night and thanks again.

Anonymous 29-5-2013

Hi John,

I let it all settle. Wednesday afternoon I have shopped for mothers, what a wonderful miracle it was that I could not be worn out of all those people. Touched

Wednesday blast playing with my dog ​​and most unfortunately had a big uppercut of his head while I ducked. Enormous bleeding lip, many headaches and Thursday showed a wiphlash. Ah deja vu. Now the possibilitie to solve remaining problems after a car accident in 1999.

I restore a lot faster now and can take my rest. That is a miracle in itself.

It was certainly a very good healing. I found it a very pleasant healing. Intense but easy to do, and very relaxing. You really are a very good and quiet healing activator.

Loving hug,

Anonymous 29-5-2013

The seals are completely gone. Good to see in my energy field.

What happened last night is that I got around 19h an incoming connection, and I made this undone and got thrown out. So I did not know you were this, because an hour later had in my head. Did you feel the resistance? Or you could just get to work?

Then I was around 19.45 tired because my body always knows unerringly what's coming and Subscripts good for me I lie in bed and then I immediately in a half awake state (theta-delta) came and gave permission to your healing to receive it.

It came in: if I give permission to receive a healing / activation and I'm not ready for it then it is parked outside my field. So it was a delayed reception.

What I have observed: my left shoulder and the left part of my body. This caused a pain down. Milt? It is the same place that in the last few years a place for attachment (energetic heavy) connections.

That's all I can tell because from half awake I went to deep sleep until about 21:00: sleep felt as necessary to make the total removal.

Then again awake, body & spirit keenly felt in the healing vibration and eventually go to sleep, because I could not much haha. So now wake up early.

 This morning I felt that something has changed in my right wrist and also in my left ankle is the black spot energy (such as the seals are showed to me) disappeared. If I notice that in the coming days / weeks something changes, I'll let you know. Thank you so much!

With love received.

Anonymous 3-6-2013

Lovely, last night I had the healing of John. The energy came to my mind first into my solar plexus. I felt it here and there "tickle" while turning around in me and in my energy. After a short time I "sunk" to a level where I recorded of all ... as if I was on a higher level ... After half an hour I felt that I was "lifted" a very nice feeling. Shortly thereafter I received a text message that John was ready and as far as I was that I could call ... Showed that while lifting that I had when a remote Hug received. I am an indigo type 1. It was a very nice experience and there I decided to continue it ... though I will first to integrate this for a while ... John once again thank you Warm <3 to <3 Hug

Anonymous 5-6-2013

I got my first activation also received from John, what is happening is so wonderful. The colors of the things I felt. John explained what he was doing, was just relaxing to lie, my body began to tingle, and saw colors from white to blue, weird things felt such pain in one leg, throat was pinched shut, this is explained to me. this activation may I recommend to everyone. John look forward to the next ...... Thank you!

Anonymous 6-6-2013

I also received yesterday the first activation and feel really good. There is a lot of garbage, felt, though I do not even know exactly what, but I do not know more. Oh yes, in the weeks before I felt "all coming" and on the morning of the day I would get the activation (but I knew not until the end of the morning) I woke up a flight of geese almost at eye level along my bedroom window flew with a lot of noise. Geese manifest to me regularly connect to home and it seemed therefore a salute of Light Masters. And then it was striking that I was hit at the same time during the activation and automatically started smiling and I thought of "smile your way Home" by Steve (Rother). Despite my body is still responsive, I feel more grounded and happy. I also heard from John that I'm indigo type 2, 24 DNA strands, but feel more Eva (Eva 2.0 ... :-) Here on earth towards home. Because that is becoming ever more noticeable. Thank you John!

Anonymous 6-6-2013

also have the first four strands running now ..... wondering what I'm going to see; made me feel more grounded at the end ..... and saw light he saw that my physical condition is far from optimal ...... hope that will be as it should, in any case .... again

anyway thanks john!!!!!!!!!!!!

what John does is so and so rather ahem particularly. No matter what we feel,  I will let you no at a later date more parts hi hi I often feel much later what really happened ...

Anonymous 10-6-2013:

Dear John,

Firstly many thanks for the activation.

It was a distinct sensation.
Around 7 pm I felt dizzy as if something was strongly pulled from me.
I lie back on the bed and strong energies flew through my body.
Instinctively I tended here to repel me. Tried to relax and accepted it. It felt like a hand in my body on my spine and went down and pulled something out of my body. Then again left and right.
I felt lighter and a large cloud energy swelled in my body. The energy thundered out from my body. My mind tried to understand and analyze everything. I always do this with everything.
While I was trying to feel the now and experience the energy ... The energy became much lighter quieter and softer. I drifted off to sleep asleep and I woke up an hour later because I was cold.
I saw that I had received an textmessage 8:30 and a few minutes before that you were ready.
I felt a lot lighter as if my body mass is less heavy.
A peaceful and relaxing feeling more focused on positivity.
And I experience energies stronger than before. Even the energy of the plant is defineble in positive and negative.
One had half withered leaves and felt quite annoyed too. I have the leaves discarded and the energy of the plant was then good again. Very special!
I wonder what this will bring me.

Have not been really positive, my recent years emotionally and financially speaking. I really experience this as a gift. Hopefully a step further to release the negativity and focus on the positive.
I think this is a new beginning of the journey ...

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