DNA Strand 5-8

Posted by Anonymous 10/06/2013 | 09:48
Last Friday, June 7th I had activation DNA 5-8. DNA and everything around it interests me for years so when the opportunity presented itself the appointment was quickly made. Hours before the activation would take place I felt my crown and 3rd eye from time to time. When John began they were the first two that felt very strong active energy including the face and 2nd chakra. Actually all over my body, I could feel that they were worked on. After activation/healing it felt like I had been given wings, I had become clear and well grounded. Now few days later that is still the case. It is noticeable that I am being worked at. A long nagging pain in right thigh is as good as gone. How wonderfull that is!! It's great that this can be done in distance and I can think of no better gift for myself. I am so grateful that this activation could happen and look forward to the Appointment already made for DNA strand ​​9-12. Thank you John, it's really recomended and I hope you will get very busy and therefore may help many people.

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