DNA Strand 9-12

After the 3rd DNA session I felt the energy of my Higher Self pulling into my body, particularly my lower legs and feet, before and the night before felt cold. Earths. I got a repeating understanding about healing (which I have long been doing): "My body knows it", "my body knows it" ... And then I felt the loving presence of Light Beings / Family as a cloud around me. In the end I felt heavy relaxed in my body, which had come to rest. Headache still there from when I got up in the morning. Apparently my body back to detoxify / release. Thank you John

Sarah Rose Here is the whole story: I've been sleeping nightmare-free for the first time after decades thanks to my friend John Manders' amazing process of DNA activation (even though I still keep watching horror movies every night, I haven't had any nightmares since my first session two weeks ago) - I'm not the type to recommend spiritual stuff if I haven't really found them authentic and beneficial but I believe this is something else. The second chakra cleansing activation made me feel a sharp opening in my eye, ear and back of the neck which means a removal of blockages somewhere along the line. The third one was today at 4pm and I notice I haven't felt like killing anyone who eats apples, noisy crisps or chews chewing gum in my presence! This is very odd but true as I have always been over sensitive to such noises. My first reactions to the title DNA activation were first mockery and then fear but I'm glad I overcame them and gave it a go. Voilà! Now I've said it! To be continued...

Ineke van der Valk: Thank you It was very special to experience!
It started with a huge pressure on my head / crown chakra. Then I felt on my right side a kind of pillar that slowly shifted to the left until there was a balance. Then my body was rebuilt layer by layer horizontally, I felt from top to bottom. It was actually quite strange, but did not further pay attention. Now I feel very good and mostly cheerful / happy! Excellent, thank you.

Julie Junie: Thank you dear John, it was very deep. Felt deeply moved afterwards ..

Elisabeth Heijltjes: When I lay down at 16:56 I immediately felt powerful energy on my head (6th and 7th chakra). Then I felt my throat open, I felt it into my jaws. (The last time my throat was constricted!) Suddenly I felt warmth in my feet, left foot even hotter. After that everything calmed down. I floated a bit and suddenly felt very light, soft subtle energy. The heaviness was gone from my body. In the end I felt motions in the breech area. At 17:22 I looked at the clock. I still felt light and quiet. Thank you John. I wonder how it will work in my life. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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