Golden DNA Activation

                                            Free Golden DNA Activation, Strands 1 to 4.

DNA activation is basically the process of spiritual evolution. It is the process of accreting light into your field, opening up your 15 chakras and activating what is called Fire-letters of your energetic DNA template that manifests your physical form. So we are working on the energetic blueprint that is behind your multidimensional anatomy.

So why are we doing this?

We are at the end of an ascension cycle of earth. At the end of this cycle the stargates of earth, which are like chakras, open up.  Inter dimensional frequency comes in. Higher dimensional energy from other galaxy's and universes. When those frequencies interact with your field it raises your frequency.  

It is an opportunity for global awakening to happen.

You have to clear all blockages (occupants, wormholes) from the past in your energy field and download the highest Divine Operating System. And that is what the Golden DNA Activations do. They are like divine templates from Source that have been given this time to assist humanity in ascension.

The Golden DNA Activation is more suited for Star-seeds and Indigo's, it contains the blueprint for immortality.

 Free Golden DNA Activation, Strands 1 to 4.

  • Video session

    Golden DNA Activation 12 Strands
    Golden DNA Activation 12 Strands

    Upgrade the 12-strand DNA Activation with connection to the Golden Liquid Realms. The activation is arranged in 3 recorded videosessions.

    You will get the link to the video so you can watch it as often as you like.

    How is the…

    € 347,00
  • 2 Video Sessions

    DNA Masters Activation and the Golden DNA Activation, 12 Strands
    DNA Masters Activation and the Golden DNA Activation, 12 Strands

    2 Record Webinars

    Especially for Indigo's and Star people.

    What most people are not aware of is that the original organic imprint for health is built for immortality. You're not meant to drop your body, you're not meant to die,…

    € 694,00 € 497,00
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