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My name is John Manders, age 59. After a career in chemistry, computermanagement and accountancy I decided to give my career another twist and became trained and certified in the Codes of AH© modalities by Toby and Ivonne Alexander. I have been trained in healing modalities since age 27. I combine the Codes of AH with Light Dragon Medicine to clear aspects (reptilien brain) of the hidden draconian races that invaded Earth in another dimension and in particular I clear with White Dragon Energy.

Services that I offer are the Masters DNA Activation, Golden DNA Activation and the Advanced Masters Codes of AH
©  healing sessions. All activations and sessions are given remotely with one or more recorded videosessions. You can watch these video's anytime and as often as you like.

In 2014 I became a Holistic Animal Welfare Program Practioner. This is a healing modality mainly for dogs, cats and horses with the special Codes of AH© for animals.




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