How Dis-ease is Created

  • Every dis-ease has an energetic source
  • Discordant thoughts create chaotic energetic imbalances and blockages in the energetic circulatory system
  • Once the energy blockage is created, it will cause problems with a person's energy, manifestation, perception, and attraction of discordant people, places, times, things and events
  • If the energetic blockage is not cleared, it will eventually MANIFEST into a physical problem
  • The original source of any dis-ease is a CHOICE not in LINE with Divine Right Order and the Original Organic Imprint for Perfect Health


When enough collective vibrational dissonances or karmic imprints accumulate within your morphogenetic field they will become holographically projected into your physical, emotional and mental bodies (3-Dimensional life experience). This causes eventually pain, suffering, anguish, conflict and dis-ease.

  • 2 Video Sessions

    2 Sessions with the Codes of AH©
    2 Sessions with the Codes of AH©

    Healing sessions with the codes of AH© (Absolute Harmonic Universe also known as the Golden Liquid Realms).

    The Codes of AH© were created by Ivonne Alexander in unison with the Great White Brotherhood and the Golden Council of…

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