What you need to know about DNA.

1) We did not “evolve” from pond scum.

2) If evolution was accurate, then the most evolved species (humans) would have the most genetic material (chromosomes). As it is now, humans have 46 chromosomes and lobsters have 77…

3) The original human DNA template (called the Diamond Sun DNA Template) is a 12 Double Helix DNA Template (energetic blueprint). Due to past interferences and tampering by other races, most people only have 3 strands active.

4) Having weird emotional reactions during puberty is a result of the 4th DNA strand not activating properly and is NOT natural or organic. Also having a menstrual cycle for women every month is not the original design. This was altered to get more people on the planet as it used to only happen once every 7 years.

5) All brain imbalances, hormone imbalances, and thus health issues are the result of the electromagnetic field of humans being out of balance. Once these are balanced at the quantum DNA level, the original organic imprint for health that is BUILT INTO the original human DNA can be restored.

6) DNA is a term only recently created in the 1950’s and studies only the SURFACE portion of what is really running your whole multidimensional anatomy. A more accurate definition of DNA would be: The observable portions and chemical translations of scalar wave programs running in the morphogenetic field that control a person’s ability to EMBODY their higher dimensions of self.

7) The original human DNA is built for IMMORTALITY. Turning into LIGHT. This happens through biological transmutation - turning from a carbon based anatomy to a silica based one, etheric, and then eventually pre-matter liquid light. This is done through the activation of the FIRE LETTERS in the energetic DNA template. Once the fire letters are activated, then the person can EMBODY their Soul (dimensions 4, 5, 6), Oversoul (dimensions 7, 8, 9), Avatar self (dimensions 10, 11, 12). This is how REAL evolution happens.

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